As per schedule – on 14-1-2010 – I arrive at Gleneagles Intan’s hospital by taxi straight from my office. Taxi fare is RM8.30 – only took me about 15 minute to reach. what a ride.

Dr Khaleda – a nice & pretty woman Doctor attending me & explain at length what are the findings of my medical check-up as written in the report.

As per my expectation – my cholesterol up a bit. I dearly need exercise. Yup i promise to myself – next week i should re-start my exercise routine.

There are 2 polyps in my gallbladder – according to the doctor, it is due to my cholesterol/fat level & less exercise. One is about 3mm, the other is quite tiny. But it is scary.

Gallbladder - hempedu

Gallbladder - function